Allocation Form

We must receive your allocations form by (July 20th).  Once your form has been processed you will receive a reply.

Name of your organization

When was your organization established?

Name of requestor

Is your organization affiliated with a parent, State, or National group? (if yes please provide the name of the affiliation)

Is your organization a 'non-profit'?

What is the primary source of income for your organization?

Website URL, if you have one

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Amount you are requesting (please provide a specific amount)

Number of people that will benefit from the use of the funds

Have you previously asked the Corona Rotary Club for funds?

If yes, how much was received?

How were the funds previously used?

Do you have a project name? If so, what is it?

What is the total cost of your project?

Describe how the funds requested will be used and when?

Will any Rotarians be directly involved in the project? (Please provide the club of any Rotarians)

• Board approval is required
• We fund principally those organizations that support Rotary's efforts in the community. This can mean participation (attending, donating to, and/or volunteering) in Lobsterfest, but can also include the Golf Tournament, Four Way Speech Contest, Music Contest, RR Root Program, and other programs.
• We do not fund individuals except via our own club programs (e.g. Scholarships).
• An example of groups we support are as follows: Youth Groups, Disabled children or adults in need (Peppermint Ridge, City of Hope), Schools in Corona Rotary's area. Elementary and High Schools in Corona (Centennial has traditionally been covered by Circle City Rotary and Norco by Norco Rotary)
• Special consideration is given to requests brought forward by Corona Club members