Relief for Southeast Asia Tsunami and Earthquake


To give immediate assistance, Corona Rotary Club is mailing a check for $900 to purchase a SHELTERBOX for immediate shipment to aid the disaster relief fund in Southeast Asia.

8374 Market Street #203
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

Shelterbox was designed by a Rotary Club in Cornwall, England some years ago and has been distributed since 2001 to over 25,000 people in countries like India, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Uganda, Angola, Afghanistan, Greneda, Haiti and others.

A Shelterbox includes:
10 x 20, 3-room tent, 10 sleeping bags, water purification tablets, wter carrier, tool kit, cooking/serving equipment,( incl. a cook top ), water ponchos, flashlights/batteries, etc

President Alec called this company earlier today ( Wednesday, December 29, 2004 ) and can relay the following information :

Action taken to date / being taken by Shelter Box:

  • 200 boxes for Sri Lanka already shipped – arriving Friday
  • 200 boxesto be shipped next week for India
  • 500 further boxes awaiting contributions like ours…

All shipping is by air.

This company only distributes these Shelterboxes through Rotary Clubs: In this instance, distributed via Rotary Club of Columbo, Sri Lanka, and for India – R. Club of Madras.

President Alec has literature on ShelterBox and more information on this organization. He will bring it to our first Club Meeting on January 07, 2005. We will also take cash donations at this meeting to further supplement additional aid.

Alec Cross – President of Corona Rotary Club

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